Bring It On: Fight To The Finish


Director: Bille Woodruff Actors: Christina Milian, Vanessa Born, Cody Longo Genres: Comedy, Sport Country: USA Release Year: 2009 Duration: 102 min Synopsis: Lina Cruz is a tough, sharp-witted Latina cheerleader from East L.A. who transfers to a posh, West Los Angeles high school after her widowed mother remarries a wealthy man and Lina not only finds herself a fish-out-of-her-environment at her new high school but she faces off against Avery, the snobbish and ultra-competitive all-star cheer-leading captain to qualify for a spot on her new school’s cheer-leading team with the help of her new sheltered stepsister, Skylar, and her former teammates whom she calls up to help her…

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